Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why use iBooks?

If you're like me you probably use the Kindle app on your iPad for books instead of iBooks because books are cheaper! So why keep iBooks on your iPad? Because you can use it to view store PDFs! All those User Manuals you keep stored away for your digital camera, headphones, vacuum cleaner, lawnmower, or whatever are probably out on the Internet somewhere in a PDF format. When you find whatever manual you need (or whatever in PDF format) and open it just tap the screen one time to get a pop-up at the top of the screen that says "Open in 'iBooks"! You will notice there is also and option to "Open in..." which when selected gives you the option to open in your Kindle app and various other apps but iBooks just seems to work the best! Once you've opened the PDF in iBooks it will then stay there. Now instead of having to dig through file folders or a drawer full of user manuals you will have them all in one handy location.

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